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Appeal to the Polish government to stop importing coal, gas and oil from Russia!

On Thursday morning, February 24, the Russian Federation launched an armed attack on Ukrainian territory. This is an unprecedented situation in post-war European history, which requires us to take unequivocal and bold political and economic action,” reads the Climate Coalition’s appeal to the Polish government to stop importing coal, gas and oil from Russia. Below is the full text of the appeal and the list of organizations that have signed on.
Podsumowanie 2023

2023 – the year of new initiatives!

Thanks to the cooperation of the entire team, 2023 was able to bring to life many new concepts that will be developed in the following months. 2023 was definitely a year of new initiatives! We greatly value the experience we…
  • Czas na las z Kaufland Card!

    Convert loyalty points to a tree – It’s time for a forest with Kaufland Card!

  • Podsumowanie 2023

    2023 – the year of new initiatives!

  • Donateo Auchn Aeris

    The result of the cooperation with the Auchan chain and the Donateo Foundation is 8400 trees, which will be planted in the spring


See what we’ve done recently

  • Czasnalas-CaterpillarFoundation-Toszek_1500szt

    Caterpillar Foundation – 1500 trees in the Toszek municipality

  • Czas_na_Las-Aeris_Futuro-Zentiva

    Zentiva Poland – 1000 trees in Stężyca

  • Czas-na-las_Auchan_Mieścisko

    AUCHAN – 1000 trees in the Mieścisko municipality

  • Drzewa dla nowożeńców

    Plant trees for newlyweds in the Raba Valley

  • Czas-na-las_Auchan_Chojnice

    AUCHAN – planting trees in damaged areas – 1000 trees in Chojnice municipality

  • Czas na las_Auchan_Łeba

    AUCHAN – planting trees for biodiversity – 1000 trees in Łeba

Knowledge base

Ecology and sustainability

How do you discover your carbon footprint?

Do you want to learn how carbon footprints contribute to global warming? Then watch this video prepared by the Children’s University Foundation in cooperation with Joanna Mieszkowicz, founder of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, and start taking action in your location. You can do a lot to reduce the negative impact of human activity on the climate by yourself too.

  • drzewa redukują hałas

    Trees in the fight against noise pollution

  • What is compost and composting?

  • Could Wisla end up similar to Odra?