How does it work?

Our offer is usually a component of other programs that we can do in cooperation, such as: ECOINTEGRATION, OFFSET or WORKSHOPS. However, if you don’t have the capacity to implement any of them, then you can consider acting in just one area by supporting any of our projects.

Social media in the spirit of ECO

You would probably like your SOCIAL MEDIA activities to be associated as more eco-friendly, but you lack the specialists to do so. We will prepare for you the proper content that is factually correct, visually interesting, and will help attract new visitors to your fanpage.

We will also use our knowledge to help respond to any comments, which can sometimes be a big problem these days.


Surely your company uses a newsletter and sends various messages to its customers. If you would like to use it to address a topic related to ecology, conservation or Zero Waste, this is an activity we can help with. Together we will study the profile of your audience and prepare a mailing campaign with appropriate content.

Your customers will surely appreciate your commitment to environmental issues.

Holistic support in communication

Here we can offer a range of activities connected to our other projects, or completely stand-alone:

  • preparation of reports on implemented environmental projects
  • participation in films, statements for journalists
  • preparation of content for promotional materials and the website
  • development of educational materials for company stakeholders
  • providing honorary and media patronage

These activities usually involve participation in our tree planting activities, workshops or ECOINTEGRATIONS.

Cause-relating marketing (CRM)

Involves donating a certain amount or percentage from product sales for environmental causes, such as:

  • project Dedicate a Tree – fund a tree as a gift to your customers/employees
  • project  Screw on Eco – funding equipment for schools/preschools

Each support will be described and documented by us, and your company will receive materials confirming it’s realization.

Pay roll & matching fund

This system of action involves encouraging employees to donate small amounts to support any of our environmental or social projects. In order to increase the scale of support and to back up up employees’ actions, so-called “matching funds”, can be used, i.e. multiplying the amount raised by employees.

Each form of support will be documented by us, along with what has been changed for the better thanks to it.