2023 – the year of new initiatives!

2023 year of new initiatives

Thanks to the cooperation of the entire team, 2023 was able to bring to life many new concepts that will be developed in the following months. 2023 was definitely a year of new initiatives!

We greatly value the experience we gain with each year of the Foundation’s operation.

The experience accumulated over the years is a very valuable resource, but we are aware of how rapidly the world around us is changing, and therefore one of the important goals for 2024 is to constantly educate ourselves, implement new ideas and follow the latest scientific reports so that the Foundation’s activities are reliable and in line with current scientific knowledge and current needs.

The year 2023 was decidedly different from the previous years of the Foundation. The team of the Foundation has strongly expanded, so that many projects have had a chance to develop more resiliently, in addition – there have been many new initiatives and interesting ideas that we plan to develop in the near future.

As part of the “Time for Forest” project, we planted 42,485 trees in 2023, including 648 large trees several meters tall.

We also planted 658 shrubs and 1180 perennials. Compared to previous years, in 2023 we were more likely to plant large, several-meter-high trees in cities, mainly in the areas of educational institutions.

We also planted in the buffers of national parks and supported municipalities that could not afford to finance reforestation. Over the past 12 months, we have organized 48 tree planting actions, with 2,266 brave volunteers taking part.

In 2023, the “Time for Forest” project gained many new supporters.

The diversity and flexibility of cooperation offered by the “Time for Forest” project is an effective strategy for gaining supporters and expanding awareness of the importance of trees for the health of the planet. In 2023, the idea of the program had a chance to reach people who had not previously been interested in such initiatives. We also succeeded in building a better position for the “Time for Forest” website, which allows us to reach more people willing to support tree planting campaigns.

We follow the needs of urban residents.

In 2023, we not only planted trees in urban areas more frequently, but also carried out small-scale retention activities, including improving skills in building rain gardens.

Rain gardens, as modern and aesthetically pleasing tools to help manage rainwater in the landscape, are a highly desirable landscape feature in the face of ongoing drought and global warming.

Green catering a way to make people and the planet healthy.

Wanting to complement the green activities of the Foundation, we also took care of a very important issue – nutrition. A diet that doesn’t put such a significant strain on the planet, while being healthy, tasty and interesting is quite a challenge, which we took on when creating poTRAVA catering.

Nature and culture.

Where we come from, who we are, where we are going is not just a hackneyed philosophical slogan. It turns out that in everyday life we invariably need a sense of identity, of belonging, but also contact with what is beautiful and aesthetic. We crave contact with culture, with music, with movement, with art. Therefore, the Czango Festival, co-organized by the Foundation, meets these needs, while allowing us to satisfy our curiosity about the world and learn about the different culture of other peoples. All in an ecological, natural setting.

Awareness is the first step to change.

We always try to support the events we organize with content, aiming to expand the knowledge and awareness of participants. We enrich ecological workshops, planting actions with mini-lectures, during which we raise important hot topics related to, among other things, the current climate situation.

We are glad that 2023 was an inspiring year and we have set our sights on growth, which we hope will bear fruit in the years to come.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our wonderful partners, our brave volunteers, and everyone who supported the Aeris Futuro Foundation’s work last year!