Time for forest

The Time for forest project is aimed at all those who do not have the capacity or see the need to change the way their company, institution or lifestyle operates, but would like to compensate for their harmful impact on the environment. This is an innovative venture to effectively tackle global climate change in terms of neutralising carbon emissions through biodiverse afforestation and reforestation across the country.

Why do it?

Every human activity involves an impact on the environment because we are part of it. We live in a world where time and convenience are of the essence – we are increasingly using a variety of ever faster devices and means of transport, and we need more and more energy. Nowadays, in the age of globalisation, one of the leading human activities is movement, or transport – to work, shopping, holidays, business trips and much, much more. This requires a huge amount of energy, resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, contributing to global climate change, which can lead to irreversible changes in the environment and thus endanger human life.

4 steps on the road to neutralising CO2 emissions in partnership with the Aeris Futuro Foundation:


Identify the source of the CO2 emissions you would like to neutralise. CO2 emissions can come from the following sources:

  • transport,
  • energy consumption in the household or office,
  • industrial production.


The volume of CO2 emissions is estimated depending on:

  • the use of different modes of transport, energy carriers or technologies used, as well as the temporal scope – one-off emissions or over the course of a month, quarter or year. Calculations can be made using the CO2 Calculator or by inviting a representative from the Foundation, who will be happy to help estimate carbon emissions;
  • available funds that the company would be willing to donate for tree planting.

On the basis of a given volume of emissions or available funds, the number of trees needed to be planted in order to neutralise these emissions over a given period will be calculated.

The Foundation will neutralise a given amount of CO2 emissions on your behalf by planting and caring for a corresponding number of trees once you have made a donation to the account for this purpose:

92 1440 1127 0000 0000 0474 5396
PKO BP Oddział 37 w Krakowie
Al. Daszyńskiego 22/46
31-534 Kraków

Action – tree planting

We plant all over Poland in cooperation with local reforestation organisations, forestry authorities, district and municipality authorities. Through extensive cooperation, we are able to guarantee that the trees planted by your company will be properly cared for and supervised. We will adapt the timing of the afforestation to the requirements of sound forest management and the expectations of the Company/Organisation. The Foundation’s ambition is to offer tree planting locations in other regions of Poland in the future as well.


By participating in the Project you will receive:

For individuals:

  • a special Certificate acknowledging the contribution to combating global climate change and protecting biodiversity and landscapes (left);
  • a photo of the trees and a map showing the location of the planted trees Upon request, we will post information about your participation in the Project on our website.

For companies/organisations/institutions:

  • a special Certificate acknowledging the contribution to combating global climate change and protecting biodiversity and landscapes;
  • the opportunity to communicate participation in the project and use the project logo in their publicity materials.

At your request:

  • notify the national, local and trade press of your participation in the TIME FOR FORES;
  • we will post a description of your company’s environmental performance on our website, and other online portals, as an example of socially responsible action;
  • We will prepare a report on the afforestation action for you;
  • we will prepare an information campaign about the project for employees/managers in your company.