How does it work?

Practice makes perfect, but theory is also important. During the meeting, our experts will impart knowledge on various areas of ecology, nature and healthy lifestyles. “But the theory!” – you will say. No worries! The whole thing is given in an interesting way, and the lecturers do not just use the “lecture” method. It will be really interesting. The presentations are also a great complement to our other activities.

Smartfon. The tool of our time.

It’s hard to imagine daily life without a smartphone. However, is it known exactly how it is created, where the components for it come from, what is the impact of its creation on the environment and the people living in it? We will try to explain this in the form of an active activity rather than a boring lecture.

From this place, participants will leave with more knowledge, but most importantly with a reflection that will result in greater care and attentiveness when buying and using this essential tool today.

Presentation Smartphone Tool of our Time

Ways to deal with smog

In this post, our expert will introduce participants to the problem of smog, but most importantly, to the possibilities of dealing with this ungrateful topic. “Smog-eating” plants that help solve the problem at home will be presented, as well as other ways of protection that will be discussed. This is very important knowledge, especially in places like Krakow.

At the end there will be a knowledge contest with prizes, which will allow the most attentive participants to prove themselves.

Healthy food and greenwashing

How do you find healthy food from local producers that is also good for you and cheap enough? How can you tell if “bio” and “eco” products on store shelves are real? You’ll learn this from a representative of the grocery cooperative, the fastest-growing grassroots initiative dedicated to promoting healthy and affordable shopping. Entirely ecological, of course.

The topics that will be covered include food waste, new approach to food expiration dates and ways to counteract variety of bad practices.

Healthy food and greenwashing
Ecoparents in the spirit of zero waste

Ecoparents in the spirit of zero waste

he arrival of a newborn childis associated with great joy and a lot of responsibilities. Few people, however, think about the fact that also the world around us must transform after the arrival of our offspring. Because with happiness comes the need to buy a variety of products that are not indifferent to the environment.

Expert, for whom children and nature are equally important, will tell how to act in the spirit of ZERO WASTE.