Joint planting of trees and shrubs

If your institution has land that needs more greenery, please contact us. We will make a plan, prepare the area, purchase seedlings, and then organize a planting campaign together with your students. We assume that such action brings the best results because children later respect what they planted themselves. Everything is done under the supervision of experts. If you are interested…

Planting tress

“Four Elements”

Four scenarios in which we address the problems of energy production, loss of biodiversity on Earth, and water and air pollution. Workshops conducted in Cracow kindergartens since 2014. They have been created thanks to our project „Preschoolers contribution to a sustainable world.”, of which they were a component. They are perfect for children between 5-13 years old.


Are you an event organizer who’s looking for a solution for families with children?

Invite the foundation’s mobile Eco-Corner, we’ll do everything for you. A friendly and safe place for children when their loved ones need some time. Responsible caregivers who will take care of them with respect and empathy. Zones for children of different ages. Education about the world through creative free play, visual and musical arts, and physical activities. We speak Polish, English, Russian, and Spanish! If you have any questions…