TREFL – create a “Forest in a Jar”

In early December, we had the opportunity to conduct a workshop called “Forest in a Jar” with employees of Trefl Card Factory. Participants were able to develop their skills and at the same time learn many interesting things, including how to set up their own ecosystem in a jar.

What is a “Forest in a Jar”?

The classes were designed to provide what many people miss in their daily lives – contact with nature. Contact with nature has a positive effect on humans in many ways, allowing us to calm down and take a break from the noise and rush typical of the city. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a walk to the park or forest, but the forest in a jar can provide us with at least part of this experience.

During the workshop, we showed the next steps in creating the title “forest in a jar” and shared a lot of information about forest flora and nature.

Forest in a jar is often associated with moss, various plants, soil or gravel. In fact, the basis is to know which things make the whole thing work. The other ingredients will only serve a decorative function. Therefore, one jar can be very different from another, and the shape of the vessel itself is not limited to one either. Each participant could create his own, in his own way unique, miniature forest in a jar, take it home and watch it change over time. And in addition, no one has to worry about watering – the water will circulate in a closed loop. The project made at the workshop will serve the participants even for years to come as a lovely decoration and a small addition of nature in their homes.

Who did we have the opportunity to work with?

We had the opportunity to conduct a workshop with employees of Trefl Krakow – a well-known manufacturer of playing cards, board games and party games in our country. The origins of the company date all the way back to 1947, and since then they have come a long way. Since 2020 Trefl Krakow has been running an investment called “Eco Factory“, during the creation of which the good of the planet and the environmental policy adopted by the company were kept in mind.

We would like to thank Trefl for participating in our workshop. We hope that the participants had a nice time and learned something new on the topics discussed.