NOARK ELECTRIC – fall planting

In the beautiful aura of golden Polish autumn, enjoying international company, together with Noark Electric company we planted 26 large trees in Wrocław!

NOARK Electric is a global company, engaged in supplying low-voltage electrical components for general construction electrical installations and specialized production. In order to effectively manage operations on each continent, taking into account the individual requirements of markets and countries, the company has placed its regional centers in Shanghai, Prague and Los Angeles. Hence, during the tree-planting event in Wrocław, we had the opportunity to enjoy international, diverse company, and as we all know – diversity is great in every way, and we hope to engage more often in broad, intercontinental projects.

During a meeting on October 5, which took place on the premises of School Complex No. 20 in Wrocław, we planted 21 mature oak trees and 5 walnut trees. Previous seedlings, which were located in this place, unfortunately, did not survive, and the probable cause of their death could have been insufficient watering or mistakes made during planting.

TIME FOR FOREST launched in 2005, we have been operating for 17 years, so we like to take pride in our experience, but we never fall into a routine and make every effort to ensure that the planting is carried out in a fully professional manner.  That is why during the events we are accompanied by an expert who cooperates with the foundation, supporting us not only substantively, but of also physically.

We feel confident that all the trees we planted will grow strong and healthy. We are also glad that the planting time passed in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

We sincerely thank Noark Electric for the friendly atmosphere and commitment to the environment and our planet.

We would also like to thank the School Complex No. 20 in Wrocław for providing the land, and hope that the planted trees will be a sight for students and staff to enjoy for many years to come.

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