Make a Green Event with us

Do you want to build great employee relations? Are ecological principles important for your company? An event organized by Aeris Futuro will be a great solution. Let’s combine the latest trends in the organization of MICE events with ecological knowledge. It will be educational and motivating but most importantly fun and relaxing. Simply ATMOSPHERICALLY!


Emissions compensation

The bigger the company, the more impact it has on the environment. Sometimes a negative one. We will help to change it into a positive one! Offset is a solution used successfully around the world by businesses that value their social image. By planting trees we offset your “climate footprint”.


Nature enters the Office

Would you like your employees to work not as a boring chore but as something that gives them development and satisfaction? On the other hand, you do not have time to organize ECO-INTEGRATION? Our workshops will be a great solution in this case. We will come to you and realize the selected program. Your employees will surely find an hour to learn something interesting.


Promote the environment… and yourself

In today’s world, about 70% of the company’s value is intangible assets: reputation, brand recognition, customer loyalty, and employee involvement. There is a growing social pressure for the company to take responsibility for its actions and contribute to the development not only economically but also socially and ecologically. Involvement in pro-ecological activities will contribute to building a positive image of your company.


For the good of nature

Work is a large part of our lives, so it is worth creating the conditions for the realization through voluntary activities. In this way, employees can break away from the routine of everyday work and engage in interesting and useful activities for the common good.


From theory to practice

Practice makes perfect, but the theory is also important. During the meeting, our experts will impart knowledge on various areas of ecology, nature, and healthy living. “But theory!” – you will say. No worries! The whole is given engagingly, and the lecturers do not use only the “lecture” method. It will be really interesting. The presentations are also a great complement to our other activities.