How does it work?

HOW DOES IT WORK? Offsetting is a form of compensation. A company’s activities that are essential to its operation, but contribute to the depletion of the natural environment, can be recompensated, for example: by restoring natural habitats elsewhere, supporting renewable energy sources, or planting trees. We specialize in the latter form of offsetting, which is included in our TIME FOR FOREST program.

See all the steps:

Analysis of the situation

Before we start:

  • at first, we make an analysis of CO2 emissions, produced in the course of the company’s operations,
  • after identifying the sources of emissions, we make a calculation of the funds needed for compensation.

This step is necessary to correctly calculate the size of the offset. However, it can be partially skipped if you know the size of the company’s environmental impact.

Formal actions

Activities we need to do before planting any tree:

  • finding the right land
  • signing an agreement with the owner
  • preparation of a planting plan.

These are the main steps, without them next activity cannot take place.

Planting tress

The most important work that directly affects the later appearance of the acquired land:

  • site preparation,
  • finding and buying seedlings,
  • planting (with the help of your employees or on your own),
  • seedling protection.

After that, we can enjoy a job well done.

Report on the action

After the planting campaign:

  • we provide you with a detailed report including all planting data
  • we provide you with photos and videos of the action
  • we inform the media about the cooperation with your company
  • we award a certificate that confirms the plantings and the number of tons of carbon dioxide offset.

And then we make sure whether all is well with the seedlings.