CEMEX – ecological workshops and lectures

Cemex - warsztaty ekologiczne z Aeris Futuro

On November 17, the Aeris Futuro Foundation organized a day-long event at Cemex’s headquarters in Warsaw.

“ECO DAY” was an attractive form of learning an ecological approach to the world. Cemex employees from 9:00 a.m. were able to take part in 4 workshops on the topics: “Make your own micro-garden”, “Eco-cosmetics from your own factory”, “Upcycling jewelry” and “Wild kitchen”.

After the hands-on workshops, four parallel lectures were available, on the topics: “How to beat smog?” – which was led by Aeris Futuro Foundation President Joanna Mieszkowicz, “Hunting for healthy food” – of the Warsaw Food Co-op, and “Ecology at home and in the office”.

Numerous workshops were followed by a mailing campaign with environmental issues. The lectures were an interesting way of presenting environmental issues. Participants gained a lot of new information on air pollution. Practical workshops were also a great inspiration. Eco-cosmetics and a living garden in a jar and much more were also created.