UBS – planting with volunteers

Together with UBS volunteers, we took care of the Jagiellonian University grounds and planted 1,000 trees! Together with the 14,000 planted a week earlier in Table Mountain National Park, we managed to plant a total of a symbolic 15,000 trees to celebrate the 15th anniversary of UBS’ presence in Poland.

We chose species native to the habitat, namely:

  • black alder (alnus glutinosa) – 800 trees
  • hornbeam – 100 trees
  • small-leaved linden (tilia cordata) – 100 trees

The forest in Polanka Hallera, where we have planned the planting, is a protective forest, which means that its dominant function is environmental services. In this case, the purpose of tree planting is not to reduce the effects of large-scale logging; in the case of Polanka Hallera, tree planting in the forest area is a silvicultural procedure, in accordance with the adopted forest management plan. The purpose of this plan is to transform generations of trees in places, where trees that are unnatural to the habitat will naturally die over time. Since we are keen on the best possible results, all plantings at the site are planned in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University in such a way as to strengthen the stability and resilience of the forest.

We tried to make the most of the event, which took place on October 21, so we decided to also conduct an educational part and a workshop.

After lectures on birds and pollinating insects, we made birdhouses and insect hotels with our own hands. And after the hard work, healthy, vegan snacks served by the catering service accompanying the event awaited us.

During the educational part, we touched on issues that are usually quite shallowly discussed and the threat to wild pollinators from the popular honeybee.

Many thanks to UBS for their enthusiasm, friendly atmosphere and support for the climate!