“Clean Action” is an initiative that aims to clean our environment of waste, whether it is on land or in water. With more and more waste filling our world, “Clean Action” is becoming an important response to pressing social and environmental needs.

Garbage in the water

Although public awareness of the amount of trash in forest areas is growing, we often overlook the problem of pollution of water bodies. Waste in the water is often less visible to our eyes, but disposal is just as important and more complicated than picking up trash on land.

Clean action_cleanup on the water

The Clean Action program was inspired by the global event of World Cleanup Day. Its main goal is to clean up the environment from waste on various levels, covering urban areas, forests, mountains, meadows, as well as water and wetlands.

Waste pollution is a global problem that requires sustainable waste management. Human activity has already reached every corner of the Earth, even to places as remote as the bottom of the Mariana Trench, where a plastic bag was found. Scientific studies clearly show that microplastics and nanoplastics pose a serious threat to human and ecosystem health.

River and lake cleaning equipment

We clean up rivers, lakes and reservoirs using specialized equipment and skilled professionals. We clean up rivers, lakes and reservoirs using specialized equipment and skilled professionals. Each action is coordinated by specialists and rescuers who ensure the safety of participants and ensure that the action is carried out properly.

Why clean up rivers and lakes

Cleaning up rivers and reservoirs has many benefits for the environment and local communities:

  • It allows the restoration of the natural aquatic ecosystem, which promotes the preservation of biodiversity and the restoration of natural habitats for aquatic flora and fauna.
  • We reduce the negative impact of pollution on human and animal health. Contaminated waters can cause various diseases and health problems.
  • Cleared and well-maintained rivers and lakes are attractive recreation and leisure destinations for the local community and tourists. Clean waters encourage water sports, fishing and relaxation at the water’s edge, which contributes to the quality of life of the region’s residents.
  • The cleanup of rivers and reservoirs is important for environmental protection on a global scale, helping to reduce water waste and reduce the negative impact of pollution on aquatic ecosystems around the world.

By acting locally, we are contributing to global improvements in water quality and environmental protection.