Joint tree planting

If your office has land that needs afforestation/reforestation, our Foundation is ready to help. We will draw up a plan, prepare the area, purchase seedlings and then organize the planting campaign.

We will also try to involve residents and youth because, in the long run, the best results come from working with people who live near the planted grounds.


Organizing outdoor events

If you choose to cooperate with us, we will prepare a picnic or outdoor event for you, which will be focused on ecology and nature conservation. Attractions for children and young people, eco-workshops and presentations, and even concerts.

If you are looking for a contractor who takes care of the logistics of the entire event, finding subcontractors, and putting everything together, please contact us.


Nature enters the Office

During the workshops, we introduce the ECO-OFFICE standard which helps protect the environment, prevents pollution, and improves sustainability.

Your employees will gain a range of competencies that will allow them to manage natural resources more economically and build pro-ecological habits.


Make it greener

If you are organizing an event, our foundation can support you in making it greener.

The cooperation can go in a few different ways; from support in preparing the project of the event, through the organization of „green” attractions, to the preparation of a report that will assess the created „climate footprint”. If you are interested in more details…