At the Foundation, our main goal is to take climate action and create a better future for future generation Nowadays, supporting biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges of the future. The United Nations has identified the protection of life on land and under water as one of the key Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Environment Program (ONZ) has identified the biodiversity crisis as one of the three most important environmental threats alongside the climate and pollution crisis (the triple planetary crisis).


Business and biodiversity

Biodiversity challenges are becoming an increasingly pressing issue for companies around the world. Analyses by reputable institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Constanza’s 2014 team reveal that the value of nature to the global economy reaches as high as 125 trillion US dollars. More than half of the world’s GDP is moderately to significantly dependent on nature and the services it provides. What’s more, the WEF’s annual Global Risks Report publications consistently rank biodiversity loss among the top challenges to the global economy.

More and more companies are noticing the need for a biodiversity audit, on the one hand this is due to the need for ESG reporting and emerging regulations on the topic and on the other hand the growing awareness among consumers is making company involvement in environmental topics a response to consumer expectations.

For whom the biodiversity audit ?

  • for companies
  • for local governments
  • for farmers

What a biodiversity audit offers?

  • Biodiversity audits in various ecosystems, including forests, aquatic areas, urbanized areas and rural areas.
  • Analyze data on populations of plant and animal species and their habitat. -Identification of priority areas for protection and recommendations for biodiversity restoration activities.
  • Access to expertise and support in environmental protection and biodiversity conservation planning.

Join our mission to protect and monitor biodiversity. Together, we can create a better future for our planet and for all its inhabitants.