Peatlands play an important role in nature and are our allies in the fight to reduce CO2emissions. Peatlands are powerful stores of carbon. Depending on conditions, they can accumulate it or, in the case of drained peatlands, release it into the atmosphere.

Peatland restoration and proper management of peatlands has a positive impact:

We protect the peatlands
  • on water retention and quality,
  • carbon storage and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • biodiversity.

Protection of peatlands in Poland

In Poland, about 85% of the peatlands have been drained, converted to agricultural land and forests. The result is a loss of biodiversity, placing Poland among the four largest emitters of greenhouse gases from drained peatlands in the European Union (alongside Germany, Finland and the UK).

How we operate

By launching the TORF’EM ALL program, we want to get actively involved in the protection and restoration of peatlands, following through with activities aimed at restoring the natural water regime in peatlands.