How does it work?

Are you organizing a conference, picnic or team-building event? Do it according to the latest trends, with the spirit of the times and concern for the environment. Let us prepare for you an unforgettable event that your employees will remember. In our GREEN EVENTS you will find few forms of cooperation with the Aeris Futuro Foundation:

  • OFFSET – carbon offsetting, i.e. reduction of your company’s so-called “climate footprint”
  • VOLUNTEERING – participants selflessly do something good for nature and the local community
  • WORKSHOPS – during ECOINTEGRATION we conduct various and interesting trainings
  • GREEN MARKETING – we promote joint activities in our and partner media outlets

Time for forest

It’s an initiative to help all those who don’t have the ability or don’t see the need to change the way their company, institution or their lifestyle operates, but would like to compensate for their environmental impact. For 18 years, we have together with dozens of companies planted almost 2 million trees. What does this look like?

  • eco-integration takes the form of a picnic
  • your employees plant trees under our supervision
  • various competitions and attractions are possible during the action
  • participation of local community and students is possible

The main idea of the campaign is to combine volunteering and OFFSETTING ideas.

Jurassic cleanup

In land of rocks and caves

As part of the campaign, your employees will be able to learn about the biodiversity of the Krakow-Czestochowa Jurassic Highlands and the environmental value of the country’s unique limestone formations.

Three things will be a priority here:

  • environmental education while performing tasks
  • active nature conservation by clearing the Jurassic area
  • learning to make nest boxes, which will later be given to children

And all this combined with great sporty (and not only) fun.

Clean water. Better health.

As part of the action, your employees will be able to learn about water issues, environmental biodiversity and the environmental value of riverside riparian forests. The components that make up our action:

  • environmental education about riparian forests and water purity
  • active nature conservation by clearing the forest and the river current
  • workshops and tasks to be performed at chosen locations
  • great fun on dragon boats and kayaks

This, of course, is just a part of the program, which includes many more surprises and attractions.

Cleaning up the Vistula River