Mobile Eco Corner is a safe space for children, designed for active play, environmental education and creative spending. One of the most important elements of our project is the environmental education of children and parents and building a conscious approach to life. We want to create a comfortable place for the little ones for events not necessarily intended for them.

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Why do it?

The project is a response to the needs of event organizers who are looking for a solution so that the event can be attended by as many participants as possible, including parents with young children. The organizers can invite the Aeris Futuro Foundation to create a place for children so that parents have a chance to attend their event and not worry about finding a caregiver for their toddler during that time.

Mobile Eco Corner for children at small and large events nationwide.

Our project is aimed at the youngest. The corner will consist of two zones, assuming different entertainment and activities for children, depending on their age: I. Baby zone and II. Kids zone.

The idea of the Mobile Eco Corner is to:
  • Supporting the natural development of the child adapted to his age, awakening his creativity, attentiveness and independence.
  • Applying the principles of communication based on empathy, without punishment and rewards..
  • Use of natural, local and recycled products.
  • Baby zone (strefa I) is for toddlers under 3 years of age under the care of a guardian. Special emphasis on sensory experiences, developing the senses. In this zone, there will be a changing table with natural cleaning products and diapers, soft poufs, cushions comfortable for caregivers and children, wooden toys, rag toys, handmade toys, toys that promote movement – slide, ladder, toys that promote the development of manual skills (sifters, overflowers and others).
  • Kids zone (strefa II) s aimed at children between 3 and 8 years old. There will be stations for independent artwork, a corner with books about nature, the forest, the world, where together with the caregiver children will read and listen to interesting stories, a corner of physical and chemical experiments, a corner of board games – small and large, toys that promote movement (slides, ladders).
  • Children will be able to take the works they have made with them.
In our Mobile Eco Corner:
  • We want to support and promote Polish entrepreneurs who produce children’s products from natural and safe materials.
  • We want to work with companies that create natural, organic and local products.
  • Of particular value to us are products that promote the family and a close relationship between child and parent.
  • Environmental education of children and parents and building a conscious approach to life is also a very important part of our project.


children 0-3 years with guardian

Baby Zone

A place that is breastfeeding friendly and safe for crawling toddlers. Here we see toys made of natural materials, Montessori materials, sensory activities. Changing area, samples of natural cosmetics for moms and babies, reusable diapers for presentation, baby slings, etc….


Kids Zone

Here various educational games and activities according to age. There is also a corner with pillows and books dealing with ecology and nature. We will allocate most of this zone for free active play. Seen here: slide, ladders, balancers, building with cardboard and other recycled materials.

What are the benefits?

  • Your product will be seen by attendees of large conferences and events of various nature.
  • It will be advertised without the physical participation of a representative of your company.
  • Your logo will be displayed on all pages of the Mobile Eco Corner in the media and on printed materials.
  • On the Mobile Eco Corner website, there will be a link directly to your store in our channels.
  • The Mobile Eco Corner can display promotional materials – business cards, flyers, gadgets.
  • We will post reviews of the products received on the Mobile Eco Corner sub-site and on the Foundation’s Facebook profile.
  • You will receive photos of the activities of the Mobile Eco Corner during the event.
  • You will receive the mark   “Friend of Aeris Futuro Eco Corner” along with the ability to use the mark for your needs.
  • You will increase trust in your brand among customers – the public is increasingly aware and chooses manufacturers “with soul” who work according to higher values.
  • You will stand out from other manufacturers.

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