Knowledge base

  • drzewa redukują hałas

    Trees in the fight against noise pollution

  • What is compost and composting?

  • Could Wisla end up similar to Odra?

  • About compost and composting

  • Grass burning – advantages, disadvantages and controversies

  • Retain water in cities – ways to retain water

  • The role of forests in the process of drought mitigation and prevention

  • Mid-field plantings, balks – techniques, species selection – effectiveness in water retention

  • Improving water relations in agriculture

  • What is “grey water”? Recovery facilities

  • How flower meadows promote water retention?

  • Household rainwater storage and recovery systems

  • Microretention of water – ponds, ecological puddles

  • Sustainable rainwater management through rain gardens

  • High retention is not the answer to drought