Climathon 2018
Climathon - is an international event that takes place every year on the last weekend of October. During Climathon, participants invent and design innovative and creative solutions for climate protection. The event is open! Do not wait - join today!
Climathon 2018
The Aeris Futuro Foundation received funding for the implementation of the task from the Marshal's Office of the Lesser Poland Voivodship as part of the competition entitled "Małopolska - here technology is becoming a business", as well as from Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow.
Bloomberg - Czas na Las 3
On April 26, the Aeris Futuro Foundation, together with volunteers from Bloomberg, planted 200 biocenotic plant seedlings in Warsaw!
Zdjęcie główne - Ojców
Last weekend, on the occasion of Earth Day 2018, with the support of Bank Zachodni WBK volunteers and the Directorate and employees of the Ojców National Park, the Aeris Futuro Foundation planted 6,000 trees that will feed the Ojcowski National Park ecosystem. It is estimated that the renewal of such forest resources in a natural way would last from 80 to 120 years.
UPS - Czas na Las 28
Spring is definitely the best time for the forest! Enjoying the beautiful spring weather, on April 7, 2018, the Aeris Futuro Foundation, UPS Poland and the Municipal Forests - Warsaw devoted their time to taking care of Las Bródno. The spring rays of the sun made planting trees, which perhaps is associated with hard work, turned out to be a very relaxing activity. In this pleasant aura 60 employees of UPS Poland with the help of accompanying children, planted a total of about 1,500 trees. The Bródno Forest was joined by: common hazel, hazel, bird cherry, hawthorn, small-leaved lime and maple.
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