Auchan – we planted 8400 trees in 8 different municipalities

Czas_na_las- Auchan-8400 drzew

From 2 October to 26 November 2023. at Auchan chain stores could symbolically plant a tree by donating a micro-donation to our Foundation. We used the funds raised to plant native tree species in 8 selected municipalities across the country. Support for the program “Time for Forest. Plant a tree! was made possible through the Donateo solution available on payment terminals in Auchan stores.

The planted trees will serve the residents of the municipalities that have expressed their willingness to cooperate and agreed to reforest their areas.

Trees donated thanks to the support of customers of Auchan chain stores were planted in municipalities that did not have the means to finance such plantings themselves. The main goal of the entire campaign was to support biodiversity, so native tree species were selected for planting, and the species composition was chosen to suit the conditions of the specific habitat. In some cases, the second major goal was to accelerate the restoration of degraded areas that were succumbing to invasion by alien plant species on top of that. On several occasions, the initiative has managed to involve local communities, as well as students from educational institutions.

Thanks to funds raised during the fall campaign this spring. we planted 8400 trees in 8 different locations.

Leba – 1000 trees

Maintaining biodiversity is crucial not only for the survival of ecosystems and the sustainability of our planet, but also for the well-being of humanity. Biodiversity promotes the stability of ecosystems, because the greater the diversity of species, the greater the resilience of ecosystems to environmental disturbances and changes, which is extremely important in an era of global climate change. Scientific research confirms that planting native tree species selected for the conditions of a particular habitat is an effective strategy for promoting biodiversity.

In Leba, we planted:

  • European beech – 500 trees,
  • pedunculate oak – 450 trees,
  • bird cherry – 50 trees.
Time for las_Auchan_Leba

Chojnice – 1000 trees

Tree planting in Sternovo in the Chojnice municipality was held with the participation of local residents. Together with volunteers, we planted 1000 trees in an area that was affected by a storm several years ago. Thanks to this action, the devastated area will more quickly turn into a beautiful biodiverse forest, and a big help in this transformation will be the guarantee of care for the seedlings from the municipality.

In Chojnice, we planted:

  • silver birch – 200 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 150 trees,
  • European beech – 100 trees,
  • pedunculate oak – 550 trees,
Auchan Chojnice

Sekowa – 1000 trees

In support of local nature in the Sekowa municipality, we planted 1000 native oak trees. Unfortunately, although oak trees are widely regarded as “very Polish trees,” public awareness of which species are actually native is very low. The northern red oak(Quercus rubra)y (Quercus rubra), whose leaves delight in autumn, turning an intense red color, is invariably popular. The northern red oak grows quickly and is more hardy than our native oaks, and there is no natural enemy in Europe that can inhibit its expansion to any extent, so it is now classified as an invasive plant.

For planting on the territory of the Sekowa municipality, we chose the pedunculate oak (Quercus robur), which is a native species, and its autumn leaves also delight in the color of brown red.

Czas_na_las- Auchan-Sekowa

Miescisko – 1000 trees

Tree planting in the Mieścisko municipality coincided with Forest Day and the First Day of Spring.. The action of this location was supported by the students of Class 7a of the Elementary School in Miescisko, as well as municipal employees. Due to the presence of students, we also used the event to educate on climate issues.

On the territory of the Miedzisko municipality we planted:

  • Hornbeams – 200 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 200 trees,
  • silver birch – 100 trees,
  • pedunculate oak – 500 trees.

Zabierzow – 1000 trees

Students from Brzezie Elementary School took part in the venture in the Zabierzów municipality. Students of the younger grades cleaned up the surrounding area, and the teenagers, after brief instruction, undertook their own planting.

Together with the students, we planted:

  • European white elm – 200 trees,
  • alnus – 500 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 100 tress,
  • hornbeams – 100 trees,
  • European beech – 50 trees,
  • silver birch – 50 trees.
Czas_na_las- Auchan-Zabierzow

Dzwola – 1000 trees

Leaving so-called wastelands to nature seems a wise decision, but increasingly interference with natural succession is proving necessary. Due to human activities, wastelands and forests often need support in restoring local ecosystems, maintaining biodiversity and reducing the expansion of invasive plant species. In order to avoid the land being overtaken by alien species and to support local nature in the Dzwola municipality, we will plant the following native tree species:

  • black alder – 300 trees,
  • field elm – 250 trees,
  • silver birch – 150 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 100 tress,
  • wild cherry – 50 trees,
  • European beech – 150 trees.

Radomysl – 1000 trees

The problem of invasion by alien plant species continues to be underestimated and downplayed, while alien species have long been out of control. In the fight for native wildlife, a major obstacle is low public awareness. Many people still do not understand the danger of introducing plants from other regions of the globe into the environment. Therefore, even small actions that support native wildlife are important both for nature and for building knowledge about key issues in the era of global climate change. Before planting trees in the Radomysl municipality, we undertook the removal of the invasive American cherry tree, which took over the unforested area much faster than native tree species.

In this location we planted:

  • black alder – 200 trees,
  • European white elm – 200 trees,
  • silver birch – 250 trees,
  • pedunculate oak – 300 trees,
  • bird cherry – 50 trees.

Wieliszew – 1400 trees

The latest planting in cooperation with the Auchan chain of stores took place in the Wieliszew municipality, where as many as 1400 seedlings will put down roots. The trees planted there will support the restoration of damaged post-agricultural areas. With this treatment, over time the area will turn into a biodiverse forest, attracting animals and allowing further expansion of trees specific to our local environment.

On the territory of the municipality of Wieliszew we planted:

  • pedunculate oak – 400 trees,
  • silver birch – 300 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 300 trees,
  • field maple – 100 trees,
  • Norway maple – 100 trees,
  • rowan – 200 trees.


We would like to thank all customers and clients of the Auchan store chain who, while shopping, supported the „Time for Forest”project and donated a micro-donation to our initiative!We would also like to thank our partners, namely the Donateo Foundation and the Auchan chain of stores, without whom the campaign would not have been possible.