UBS – great action of planting 2000 trees

tree planting campaign

Each tree planting campaign is a one-of-a-kind endeavor. Although we do the same thing, however, how the event goes depends on the participants, but sometimes also simply…. On the weather.

One hundred volunteers from UBS on Friday morning, 27.10.2023. turned up in Radziszów to plant as many as 2,000 trees.

A tree planting campaign can be an amazing adventure and sometimes really quite a challenge!

The event, which we planned together with UBS, proved challenging to execute due to weather conditions and waterlogged ground. However, the difficulties did not frighten the volunteers! Solidly prepared, in full gear, clad in appropriate clothing and rain boots, they arrived on time at the designated location. They did not lose their enthusiasm, even when it turned out that the planting was planned in a wetland area.

Although it really wasn’t easy, the participants did a great job! It was certainly an extraordinary adventure that provided immense satisfaction with the task at hand.

Thanks to this tree-planting campaign, Radziszów gained 2,000 new seedlings!

The tree species we plant in collaboration with partners are always selected to fit the conditions of the habitat.

As the trees were to be planted in a wetland area, we therefore selected black alder, 800 saplings in number.

In the drier area, volunteers planted:

  • 200 tree of European beech
  • 100 tree of ash
  • 200 tree Hornbeams
  • 200 tree small-leaved linden
  • 200 tree of Norway maple
  • 200 tree of wild cherry
  • 100 tree of bird cherry
  • 100 tree of European silver fir .

Why do we organise tree planting campaigns instead of letting nature “do its thing”?

Invasive species are becoming an increasingly serious problem with far-reaching consequences for our lives on many levels. Areas in Radziszów were overrun by Canadian goldenrod and during the event we also undertook the task of removing this plant.

Sometimes it seems that planting trees can be an unnecessary interference and it is better for nature to regenerate itself. However, intervention is often necessary to maintain biodiversity and block the expansion of alien plant species.

Alien invasive species spread very efficiently and can take over areas faster than native wildlife. Assistance in the form of properly planned plantings can become crucial in countering invasion by alien plants. With the abundant presence of native tree species, there will not be much living space left for non-native newcomers.

Tree planting campaigns are hugely rewarding.

Planting trees together is not only about supporting the environment and enriching the area with new saplings. Such events offer many other, not always clearly perceptible benefits also directly to the participants in the action. Planting trees together is, of course, a great opportunity to integrate the team, but it is worth remembering that physical activity in contact with nature is one of the best options for supporting physical as well as mental health.

Above all, after the action, participants usually feel fulfilled and satisfied, even if the planting requires physical effort and takes place in difficult conditions, as in the case of the action together with UBS.

Many thanks to UBS for once again supporting the “Time for forest” project and for their great attitude and commitment despite the difficult conditions during the action!