AUCHAN – planting trees for biodiversity – 1000 trees in Łeba

Thanks to the commitment of the customers of Auchan shops, who supported our “Time for Forest” programme by doing their shopping in autumn, we have just started a campaign to plant 8400 trees!

Time for las_Auchan_Łeba

To begin with, we headed north and planted 1000 pieces of native tree species in the town of Łeba.

Plant trees to support biodiversity

Maintaining biodiversity is crucial not only for the survival of ecosystems and the sustainability of our planet, but also for the well-being of humanity. By planting native tree species, we are not only supporting biodiversity, but at the same time reducing the expansion of alien invasive species that have long since escaped our control.

In Łeba we planted:

  • European beech – 500 trees
  • pedunculate oak – 450 trees
  • bird cherry – 50 trees.

The tree-planting campaign is the result of an autumn collaboration with the Auchan shop chain

From 2 October to 26 November 2023. customers of Auchan shops were able to symbolically plant a tree by donating a micro-donation and supporting the Time for Forest programme. The funds raised in this way allow us to plant 8400 trees in various municipalities across the country. Further actions are planned in the municipalities of Sękowa, Chojnice, Mieścisko, Wieliszew, Radomyśl, Dzwola oraz Zabierzów. Support for our programme was made possible through the Donateo solution available on payment terminals in Auchan shops.

Thank you for your support of the „Time for Forest”project.