AUCHAN – planting trees in damaged areas – 1000 trees in Chojnice municipality


Together with residents, we planted 200 birch trees, 150 linden trees, 100 beech trees and as many as 550 oak trees in an area that suffered from a storm several years ago. What is important to us – we received a promise that the seedlings will be properly taken care of.

Planting trees in blighted areas makes sense

While it often seems that the best solution is to let nature act on its own and not reforest areas that have been destroyed or degraded, unfortunately, this is not always actually the optimal solution. Currently, a major threat to local wildlife is foreign invasive species, whose expansion is sometimes significantly faster than the spread of native plants. Therefore, reforesting damaged areas or filling niches with native species supports local wildlife and is an effective strategy to combat the invasion of non-native trees.

Planting on disturbed land is an opportunity for a biodiverse forest

Maintaining biodiversity is crucial to the functioning of ecosystems, the balance of nature and mainly to human well-being. Therefore, activities such as the planting of native tree species, which are selected taking into account the conditions of the habitat, is an important and necessary activity, although, as it often turns out, still not very popular and well-liked.

On the occasion of the tree planting campaign, we are therefore trying to educate and support the creation of public awareness about biodiversity and its importance for the entire planet.

We hope that participants in our planting events, feel that they take away from these events knowledge and a greater awareness of the purposes behind planting trees.

Planting in the area devastated by the storm took place thanks to our partners

The action in the municipality of Chojnice is the result of an autumn campaign that was able to occur thanks to cooperation with the Auchan chain of stores and theDonateo Foundationo. You can read more about the event in our preview of spring planting events. The first planting took place in Łeba.

We sincerely thank everyone for their cooperation and involvement during the organization and the course of the event!