AUCHAN – 1000 trees in the Miescisko municipality


We managed to celebrate Forest Day and the First Day of Spring in a rather simple and obvious way – by planting trees. The planting campaign was supported by the students of grade 7a of the Elementary School in Miescisko and employees of the municipality.

Planting trees on the occasion of Forest Day

Planting trees for Forest Day may not be a very original way to celebrate, but it is certainly a very useful and necessary one.

The aim of International Forest Day is, among other things, to create awareness of the importance of forests for people and the planet as a whole, and to expand knowledge and promote ways to protect forests.

This year, instead of organizing walks or thematic meetings, we decided to focus on what is currently most needed i.e. planting trees.

On the territory of the Miedzisko municipality we planted:

  • 200 hornbeams,
  • 200 lindens,
  • 100 birches,
  • 500 oak trees.

Planting trees to celebrate the holidays is the best way to celebrate

Symbolically planting a tree, for example, because of holidays, is not a widespread custom in our country. However, it can be an interesting idea to create a ritual that is environmentally friendly, unlike other holiday customs.

Planting trees to celebrate the green holiday was made possible by an autumn campaign with partners

Last fall, store customers Auchan were able to symbolically plant a tree by donating a micro-donation and supporting the program Time for forest. The funds raised were allocated to trees in various municipalities across the country. More about the event can be read, among other things in the announcement of spring planting actions and in reports on tree planting actions in Sekowa municipalities, Chojnice, Łeba, Wieliszew, Radomyśl, Dzwola and Zabierzów.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and involvement in the project „Time for Forest”and especially thank the students of Miescisko Elementary School for their great attitude.