Procter and Gamble Poland – planting trees at the Children’s Care Home No.1 in Warsaw

Time for forest - Procter&Gamble Children's Care Home

The impact of the world around us on our lives is indisputable. What environment we live in is especially important for our children, whose bodies are just forming and are less resistant to harmful environmental factors.

How do green spaces affect children’s health and development?

A growing body of research shows that green spaces provide many benefits for children’s health and development. Contact with nature not only improves well-being, but also has a noticeable effect on the health of both children and adults. One study of Finnish preschool children found that daily activity in contact with nature strengthens immunoregulatory pathways. Compared to children who play in standard urban facilities equipped with sidewalks, tiles and gravel, children in “green” kindergartens in Finland have been reported to have, among other things, an increased number of T lymphocytes in their blood over 28 days.

Time for forest - Procter&Gamble Children's Care Home

Planting trees at Children’s Home No.1 in Warsaw

Together with volunteers from Procter & Gamble, we planted native plant species in the area surrounding Children’s Home No.1 in Warsaw. These trees were:

  • populus nigra (6 trees)
  • small-leaved linden (2 trees)
  • hornbeams, European beech and lindens – a total of 260 saplings, which will have a shrubby form in the future, as we made them into a hedge.

The lush vegetation around the facility will not only benefit the level of , biodiversity, but also the quality of life of children, providing them with a pleasant environment, as well as materials for play, development and relaxation. . In the case of children, who are undoubtedly burdened with higher levels of stress, any action that can reduce tension even a little is important.

Time for forest - Procter&Gamble Children's Care Home

Ornithological workshop after tree planting – support for local wildlife

The enormity of the new plants planted in the yards is likely to attract many animals, so in order to comprehensively support the new residents together with the company’s volunteers and residents of the facility, we prepared nesting boxes for birds. During the event, participants also gained an extra dose of knowledge about the importance of birds and how to support and protect them in urban settings.

We would like to thank our partner Procter & Gamble Poland and all participants of the event for their participation in „Time for Forest” and for their active participation in the event and commitment to the future generations.