SIEMENS – 500 trees for Dolina Mgieł

Another spring planting, this time together with Siemens employees and workers, has enriched a magical corner of Łódź province with more trees.

Planting trees as part of employee volunteerism 

On May 17, 11 male and female employees from Siemens planted trees in the area of the permaculture habitat, Dolina Mgieł, as part of employee volunteer work. The goal was to plant 500 seedlings of species such as hornbeam, ash, alder, linden and hazel. Volunteers were first shown around the habitat by the host, Łukasz Nowacki, who talked about what permaculture is and what techniques and assumptions are used in the Dolina Mgieł area, which make cultivation possible despite the presence of poor soils of the fifth and sixth bonitation classes. Male and female volunteers took part in a short workshop on the science of planting, mycorrhization, mulching and composting. After a theoretical introduction, planting began. 

What does planting provide?

Siemens’ goal was to involve its male and female employees in a volunteer effort that will result in minimizing the negative impact of pollution on the environment by planting trees. The action taken by the male and female volunteers will allow to offset about 40 tons of CO2 emissions in the future when the planted trees grow. By planting a 2-meter-wide habitat border strip, the biodiversity of the area will also be supported, the planting will improve water relations, as well as provide protection against wind and rapid evaporation. 

Dolina Mgieł – permaculture habitat

The permaculture habitat Dolina Mgieł is located in Gapinin, Łódź province. It is a farm that forgoes any mechanization in favor of operating in harmony with nature. The hosts of the Valley of the Mists aim to create a place that is self-sufficient both in terms of food and energy, a habitat based on an independent infrastructure based on natural materials and renewable energy sources. The habitat is growing at its own pace, producing healthy and growing crops.

Our sincere thanks to Siemens employees for the extraordinary commitment and positive energy they emanated during the planting! We thank them for their time and the contribution the company made to improving the environment.