WIENERBERGER – autumn planting

An autumn planting with Wienerberger employees and residents of Częstochowa in the Gnaszyn Kawodrza neighborhood took place on November 5. We had the opportunity to take the first step towards greening Częstochowa’s building ceramics factory – we focused on implementing plantings in the vicinity of the clay pile located on ul. Wygodna.​

On the initiative of Wienerberger Ceramika Budowlana employees, with the involvement of residents and staff of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, together we did a great job and planted a total of 500 birch and pine seedlings. Wienerberger supports builders investors by providing many innovative construction solutions, not forgetting their experience, technology and product quality. This time, however, they decided to act for the environment, for which we are extremely grateful. This autumn planting is the beginning of change and a response to the needs of the neighborhood’s residents during the community dialogue, as well as part of the company’s efforts to develop biodiversity in manufacturing locations.

Additional attractions prepared for residents and employees of the company were workshops on building nest boxes and insect houses, combined with a lecture on ornithology and wild pollinators. Birds and insects will not disdain a carefully prepared human-made house, on the contrary, many of them will be happy to use them, as long as they have a suitable food base nearby. The knowledge gained by the workshop participants may also prove useful in the future, in case someone is interested in making something like this on their own.

Our autumn planting near the heap on ul. Wygodna is just the first stage of our efforts to develop biodiversity and the well-being of local residents.

In the spring, the company plans to implement the next phase of the work: carrying out additional plantings on the production site and seeding a meadow on the heap.

We want to sincerely thank Wienerberger for acting for the environment and allowing us to plant as many as 500 seedlings! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that as many seedlings as possible will take root, and thank you for implementing the project together.