Planting trees with volunteers – 1000 trees in the Wieliszew municipality

By planting trees we support local biodiversity

Thanks to the cooperation with partners and the support of volunteers, we have once again helped with the reforestation of areas belonging to the municipality of Wieliszew. The 1000 seedlings of native tree species are another batch of plants that will help the area turn into a biodiverse forest faster.

Why plant trees without waiting for natural succession?

The main goal of the plantings in Wieliszew is to protect and support biodiversity by planting native tree species. Such measures help restore a proper, habitat-appropriate ecosystem and limit the expansion of alien invasive plant species. In addition, the skillful selection of tree species for the habitat will ensure that animals will appear in the area more quickly, which will further fuel the machinery of the area’s restoration. With a year’s care provided to the seedlings in the Wieliszew municipality, the chances of smooth land regeneration are even greater.

Wieliszew_1000 trees

Together with volunteers, we planted the following species of trees in the Wieliszew municipality on April 19:

  • sessile oak – 400 trees,
  • silver birch – 200 trees,
  • common hawthorn – 50 trees,
  • European white elm – 50 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 100 tress,
  • Norway maple – 200 trees.

Tree planting as a form of integration

Global climate change, declining biodiversity, drought and the invasion of alien plant species are problems that continue to be downplayed. By organizing actions to plant trees together, we also aim to create awareness and educate participants in the action, while ensuring a friendly atmosphere. We are keen that events of this type, give a sense of satisfaction and encourage similar activities. Always after the completion of the planting there is an opportunity for volunteers to relax, often snacks and tea, and in the case of the action in the municipality of Wieliszew, in addition, volunteers could relax to the music of Csángó.

We sincerely thank the partners and all participants for their commitment to the „Time for Forest” project and enthusiastic action for the benefit of our planet. We hope that planting together is an experience that will inspire further action and lay the foundation for future environmental initiatives.