WordCamp 2024 – 250 trees in the Toszek municipality

Thanks to the participants of the WordCamp 2024 the Toszek municipality area was enriched with 250 seedlings of native tree species.. We hope this initiative will inspire others to forgo unnecessary advertising items in favor of supporting green or social causes.

2024.04 - WordCamp - Toszek- 250_2

Planting trees instead of advertising gadgets

For the second time, WordCamp organizers have decided to replace the welcome packet, usually full of goodies, with a green initiative of planting trees. Last year’s green change was met with enthusiasm, and we hope that the trees planted with the support of participants will grow into beautiful, diverse forests.

Planting trees as a form of promotion instead of gadgets

Giving up giving participants gadgets that mostly turn out to be superfluous and quickly end up in the trash is an added benefit for a planet that is finding it increasingly difficult to handle the amount of waste produced by humans. We hope that the decision of the WordCamp conference organizers will inspire other events that generate significant amounts of waste.

This year, seedlings donated by WordCamp conference participants went to the Toszek municipality, which would not have been able to reforest its land on its own.

Together with volunteers from the conference organizers on April 4, we planted native tree species:

  • pedunculate oak – 150 trees,
  • field elm – 50 trees,
  • silver birch – 50 trees.

Planting trees is not only about supporting biodiversity and the native environment, but also about personal satisfaction and relaxation in contact with nature. Although we apparently often tend to forget this, we humans are also part of nature and being around nature brings us many benefits.

We would like to thank the organizers and participants of the WordCamp conference for their trust and renewed support of the „Time for Forest” program and the promotion of environmentally friendly solutions during the event.