TOSZEK, IZABELIN – 1000 seedlings in two locations

The planting of native tree species in the two municipalities was made possible through collaboration with our partners!

Deforestation has serious consequences on many levels.

Deforestation is one of the causes of global climate change and biodiversity loss.
About 10% of the world’s forests, an area larger than the European Union, has been lost to deforestation over the past 30 years. About 10% of the world’s forests have been degraded or defragmented. While this is not a new phenomenon, it is gaining momentum, and the rate of destruction is alarming, with serious negative social, economic and environmental consequences, both locally and globally.

Why plant trees when we have more and more forests in Poland?

According to official data, forests in Poland are increasing, but it is worth noting that these are mainly commercial forests, which are radically different from primary and natural forests.
Commercial forests are “tree farms,” i.e. forested areas that are established primarily for the purpose of harvesting timber. By definition, in terms of biodiversity, these are very poor ecosystems.
Poland needs natural forests, forests with a high level of biodiversity, and numerous green areas in and around cities.

Nature needs our support.

Planting trees may seem like an unnecessary intrusion, especially in areas outside the city, where we count on nature to regenerate on its own. Currently, however, such intervention is often necessary to support biodiversity and stop the expansion of alien plant species.
In addition, new research shows that planting trees accelerates the regeneration of green areas, and the more species we plant, the faster it will be.

1000 seedlings in two locations!

Tree planting campaigns are not just about supporting the environment. The events have a much broader dimension and bring less noticeable benefits. For participants, it is often an interesting adventure and a new challenge. It is also worth remembering that physical activity in contact with nature is one of the best forms of supporting physical and mental health.

The planting action with volunteers took place in two locations:

  • Toszek

Together we planted 500 seedlings of native plant species.
These were: pedunculate oak, silver birch, small-leaved linden, wild cherry, European larch and guelder-rose.
The Toszek municipality was also involved in the action in the area. On behalf of the local government, Ms. Ewelina Czyżowicz and Mr. Piotr Kunce planted several saplings.

  • Izabelin

Together we planted 500 native plants.

These included pedunculate oak, European beech, bird cherry, guelder-rose, alder buckthorn.

We sincerely thank the volunteers for their support of the “Time for Forest” project and their valuable contribution to the fight for a better climate!