Zentiva Poland – 1000 trees in Stezyca


Together with a group consisting of representatives from the sales, supply chain, BEX, HR, Zentiva Polska wholesaler and communications departments, we planted native tree species, including. beech, alder, oak and cherry trees.

Protecting biodiversity is a key issue in the fight against global climate change

Biodiversity, by increasing the resilience of ecosystems to environmental disturbances and changes, contributes to maintaining their stability and is thus crucial to the survival of the environment as we know it. Forests play a special role in maintaining biodiversity and protecting the climate. Therefore, the protection and thoughtful restoration of forest ecosystems is an important element in the fight against the negative effects of global climate change.

Protecting biodiversity by planting native trees is an effective strategy to reduce the invasion of non-native species

Planting native tree species that have been appropriately selected for the conditions of the chosen habitat is an important strategy in the fight against the expansion of non-native plants. Filling the area with native vegetation simply leaves less room in the ecosystems for expansive alien species, and thus their spread is reduced.

Thanks to the cooperation with Zentiva Poland, we planted the following tree species:

  • pedunculate oak – 200 trees,
  • silver birch – 200 trees,
  • European white elm – 100 trees
  • black alder – 100 trees,
  • small-leaved linden – 200 trees,
  • sycamore maple – 50 trees,
  • Norway maple – 100 trees,
  • bird cherry – 50 trees.

Joint tree planting campaigns create awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity

Joint tree-planting campaigns are not only a positive action for the environment. Such events help build environmental awareness, which then bears fruit not only in other areas of professional activity, but also in private life. For many employees, moreover, this is a completely new experience that, combined with additional knowledge, often helps create a greener lifestyle.

We already have our million, and ZentivaPoland has decided to plant one million trees by 2030.

We keep our fingers crossed and hope to plant many thousands more trees together!

We sincerely thank you for your fruitful cooperation and commitment to the fight for a better climate and joining the project “Time for Forest“.