We are planting as part of the Salesforce project

Sadzimy w ramach projektu_stronaToday, October 14, as part of Salesforce’s global “100 Million Trees by 2030” project, accompanying the Salesforse Live Warsaw event, we plan to plant 50 large trees in Dolina Mgieł permaculture habitat.

Dolina Mgieł is a picturesque area located on the Pilica River, near the village of Gapinin, belonging to the buffer zone of the Spała Landscape Park. The goal of the landlords of Dolina Mgieł is to create a place that is self-sufficient in terms of both food and energy, a habitat based on an independent infrastructure based on natural materials and renewable energy sources.

The planting plan has been adjusted to the conditions of the habitat, and the selected species are: common oak, small-leaved linden, black alder, common hornbeam, and silver birch. We plan to plant 10 seedlings of each species.

Today’s action is supported by the companies: Accenture, PWC, Transition Technologies MS, Cloobees, Sii, and volunteers from Mooza and Clorce.

Thank you to all companies for your support and proactive action in the fight against global climate change!