We will plant thousands of trees in Table Mountain National Park

Today, October 14, in Table Mountain National Park, in cooperation with UBS volunteers, we will plant a mass of trees. As many as 14,000 are planned!

In order to ensure that this not inconsiderable event has a chance to be a complete success, as many as a hundred volunteers from UBS will arrive on site. Together we will enrich the grounds of Table Mountain National Park with native tree species.

Why are we planting trees in Table Mountain National Park?

A significant problem for Table Mountain National Park is the emergence of the bark beetle. For healthy trees, the bark beetle does not pose as much of a threat, but Table Mountain National Park forests are characterized by the dominance of artificial spruce stands, created as a result of previous human activity, which contributes to frequent bark beetle gradations and thus significant stand losses. In areas deforested as a result of intensive bark beetle activity, species compatible with habitat conditions are planted, usually deciduous trees.

Tree planting campaigns support the restoration of the natural character of tree stands, which is, by the way, one of the park’s primary tasks.

We also plan to use the event for educational purposes, and after lectures on birds and wild pollinators, we will go into the practical part and make birdhouses and insect hotels with our own hands.

Sincere thanks to UBS for their willingness to do something for the climate and the magnificent number of 14,000 trees on Table Mountain National Park land!