Time for Forest with Sitel Poland – Warsaw

On June 14, 2018, Aeris Futuro Foundation, together with volunteers from Sitel Poland and representatives of the City Forests – Warsaw, planted 100 seedlings of biocenotic plants in Warsaw! The action took place within the framework of the Time for Forest Program.

We met with Sitel Poland volunteers punctually at the appointed time. From the very beginning we could see a great motivation for action. In good spirits, we proceeded to a short instruction on health and safety rules, as well as training on planting techniques. Once everything was clear, everyone enthusiastically proceeded to plant in the designated area. For the planting site was chosen a separate section in the area of the Animal Rehabilitation Center, located at the headquarters of the City Forests – Warsaw.

As a token of appreciation for volunteer work and the planting of 100 seedlings of biocenotic plants on the grounds of the Animal Rehabilitation Center in Warsaw, the Aeris Futuro Foundation presented representatives of Sitel Poland with a certificate of joint commitment to climate protection through a tree planting campaign. Planting 100 biocenotic plants contributed to offsetting 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, we can confidently state that such an action is a contribution to climate and environmental protection, as well as an element of Sitel Poland‘s corporate social responsibility strategy.

The joy after the joint action could be seen by reading the commemorative comment posted on the Foundation’s profile by Sitel Poland employees:

Sitel Polska: “Aeris Futuro Foundation – thank you for a wonderful time!
It wouldn’t have been so great if it wasn’t for your great organization, attention to the details of the event and general professionalism. We are delighted!”

We also did not remain indebted, responding as honestly and truthfully as possible:
Fundacja Aeris Futuro: “Congratulations first and foremost to the well-motivated Sitel Poland Volunteers, whose enthusiasm and commitment was extremely visible throughout the campaign! We look forward to further equally successful cooperation, thank you for being with us!”

We also did not remain indebted, responding as honestly and truthfully as possible:
A short, but succinct and perfectly summarizing our joint activities report was also posted on Sitel Polska’s fanpage (which we would like to thank again for the great time we spent working together) – read it yourself! Sitel Polska & Aeris Futuro Foundation Great cooperation!

And we are already inviting you to see the photo report of the Time for Forest action with Sitel Poland!

Photos courtesy of Sitel Poland