2 plane trees for Jerzy Turowicz Foundation

The Jerzy Turowicz Foundation, together with the guests, during a ceremony entitled “Świat Turowicza – Wobec Zagłady” ( meaning “Turowicz’s World – In the face of the Holocaust”),  planted two 2-meter-tall plane trees that we had funded. We wanted to show that a memorial is not always concrete or stone. A memorial can also be alive and green.

The ceremony commemorated the fate of Jews from the districts of Bochnia, Miechów and Nowy Targ. All the guests who arrived, listened to the stories, which revived old memories. The weather was also good, so we could stay a while longer and talk about events that took place in the past century.

We would like to invite you now to listen to the first and second parts of the recordings, which were made during the meeting. The author of the recordings is “Tygodnik Powszechny” Clubs. Turowicz’s World 2018 In the face of the Holocaust: part 1, part 2.

We informed about the event, among others, on our Facebook Fanpage: Turowicz’s World. In the face of the Holocaust

Photos courtesy of Professor Adam Walanus