Planting trees with HAGS Poland

HAGS_Ujsoły_1The purpose of today’s planting is to offset carbon emissions and improve the situation of the area we have chosen. We will team up with HAGS Poland and plant 200 beech trees in a pleasant atmosphere.

Where will we plant trees this time?

Beautiful area of Beskid Żywiecki, Ujsoły commune, Soblówka. If you haven’t been there yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Beskid Zywiecki is the second highest mountain range in Poland. The highest peak is Babia Góra. Geologically, eskid belongs to the Outer Carpathians, it is built of fissile rocks, and in the upper parts of some of the peaks there are golas.

It is the local residents who recognize the need to take action. Unfortunately, the monoculture cultivation of spruce trees has led to the depletion of the soil, which now absorbs water poorly.

That’s why we chose beech trees for today’s planting, which have a higher carbon compensation capacity than the assumed average, as well as being efficient mulch producers. Beech leaves have large amounts of calcium compounds, so beech trees enrich the soil and counteract sterilization. The 200 pieces will offset about 15 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and strengthen the local forest stand.

Who will we plant trees with today?

Our partner today is HAGS, which has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing recreational equipment for more than 60 years. It was founded in 1948 in Sweden, and opened its branch in Sosnowiec in 2017. Its mission is to create outdoor play equipment for children. The company is part of the global leader PlayPower Inc. It supplies not only children’s toys, but also park and city, water and shade equipment around the world.

As the company’s representative, Paweł Karlak, said: “One of our core products are pines, which we’re importing from Sweden. As compensation to the enviroment, we have added something drom ourselves today”.

How do we plant trees?

Today we are planting seedlings with a covered root system, brought here in pots. The late planting date means that only such have a chance to take hold and grow correctly. Of course, it is extremely important to set them correctly in the ground, but we teach this during the initial training.

For the workers, we have prepared not only planting equipment in the form of spades and picks, but also refreshments after the hard work. We want them to associate the action of planting trees not only with hard work, but also with joy, rest for the mind and good company.

“Most of our partners take much more from the environment than what they give back with such actions, but we see that the mentality and view of the environment is changing. An important factor is for companies to become greener and create their products with respect for the environment” – says Marek Piatkowski from the Aeris Futuro Foundation.

HAGS logo

We would like to thank HAGS for its contribution to improving the ecosystem by planting trees that we were able to plant together as part of the TIME FOR FOREST project.