CSR EXPO 2022 – Aeris Futuro report

TARGI-CSR-2022-Aeris-FuturoMay 25, 2022. Aeris Futuro Foundation took part in Poland’s largest CSR Fair. The event took place at the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw. This was the ninth edition of this unique event. After a difficult time of the pandemic, we were able to meet stationary.

What exactly is a Responsible Business Fair?

The CSR Fair is Poland’s largest event in a trade fair convention dedicated to ESG, CSR and sustainable development. The return to a stationary formula allowed for an effective exchange of experience and sharing of best practices. This type of event provides an opportunity for companies caring about sustainable development, experts or analysts of social responsibility and business to meet.
The keynote of the event, and thus the thematic blocks of the conference, were three very important concepts: Climate – Development – Business.

Not only representatives conducting activities in the field of sustainable development, but also representatives of NGOs, public administration and students took advantage of the offer of the fair. Many of the exhibitors we met were our partners, with whom we had the opportunity to cooperate or are still cooperating in planting.


Calculating carbon footprint and offset by tree plantings

Our foundation was able to acquaint visitors with its activities in the field of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through tree plantings. Participation in the Fair allowed us to learn about the sustainability activities of other companies and to gain new contacts for future joint activities.

Together with the Fair’s organizers, we decided to count the event’s carbon footprint, and hope to offset it with an autumn tree planting.

Our green stand offered the opportunity to take a closer look at seedlings, gardens in a jar, which were created during the workshops we organized, or to see under a microscope the differences between the leaves of different tree species. Those present at the fair had the chance to take part in contests we organized, where the prize was a tree to plant in their own garden. We look forward to receiving photos of the planted trees from the lucky winners, and thank you very much for your numerous interests!


The impact of our foundation on the Responsible Business Fair

Our foundation has been a content patron of the event for many years. As part of our agreement with the organizers, we will calculate the carbon footprint of the 9th CSR Fair based on a questionnaire filled out by exhibitors and organizers, so that we can later compensate for it through practical actions for nature.

The event is a space for discussion, presenting the activities of companies and organizations in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. The CSR 2022 Fair took place on Wednesday, May 25 at the EXPO XXI Center at ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14 in Warsaw. Admission to the fair and participation in all activities and discussion panels was free.


The program for the 9th CSR Fair included:

  • the exhibition part – stands of dozens of companies, organizations and institutions presenting their activities in the field of CSR and sustainable development;
  • the conference part with numerous panel discussions and debates
  • Diversity Zone with activities presenting and promoting good practices;
  • “S” Stage with talks in the social area;
  • announcement of the Report “Odpowiedzialny biznes w Polsce 2021. Dobre praktyki” (meaning “Responsible Business in Poland 2021. Good Practices”);
  • announcement of the Chapter Zero Poland survey report “Rady nadzorcze wobec zmian klimatu” (meaning “Supervisory Boards towards climate change”) ;
  • announcement of the results of the Diversity IN Check survey – a list of employers most advanced in diversity management and inclusion in Poland;
  • announcement of the results of the “Pióro odpowiedzialności” (meaning “Pen of Responsibility”) contest.

„We are all happy to see the growing importance of ESG topics. We can say with a high degree of certainty that this is one of the trends that will shape reality in the coming years. What direction should business take now? What solutions should it reach for? What are the challenges facing companies? These and many other topics will be discussed on May 25, 2022 at the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw”. Said Marzena Strzelczak, CEO of the Responsible Business Forum.

Organizer: the Responsible Business Forum
Santander Bank Poland, DB Cargo, ERGO Hestia, LPP

More information about the 9th CSR Fair

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Official hashtag: #TargiCSR