To the rescue of native nature, or “Time for Forest” together with Auchan.

Thanks to a partnership with the Auchan and Donateo, a digital fundraising platform, everyone can plant their own symbolic tree while doing their daily shopping.

From October 2 to November 26, customers of theAuchan chain nationwide can support the cashless initiative“Time for Forest. Plant a tree!” The funds raised during the campaign will enable the planting of trees in the buffer zones of national parks in areas of municipalities that do not have the ability to finance reforestation.

Supporting the reforestation of Poland is now even simpler – all you have to do when shopping at an Auchan chain store is choose to pay by card or smartphone, and when the terminal prompts with the logo of the action, approve your desire to support the action ““Time for Forest. Plant a tree!

Trees are crucial to the quality of human life and the functioning of the entire planet, as well as playing a special role in combating the negative effects of climate change. The greater the diversity of species, the greater the resilience of ecosystems to environmental disturbances and changes. That’s why we plant our native species, don’t create monocultures and, above all, find places that actually need support. – says Marek Piatkowski, president of the foundation.

Why do we plant trees in the forest?

Planting native tree species in the forest is associated with the restoration of local ecosystems dominated or threatened by alien species. New research shows that native biodiversity is an effective weapon against the invasion of non-native tree species.*

We desperately need trees in our cities.

Trees are also very important in cities, where they counteract the urban heat island effect in many ways, support the fight against smog, urban noise, and reduce the risk of flooding and waterlogging. Urban greenery has a positive impact on health, can reduce the risk of depression and improve well-being, thus significantly improving the quality of life of residents.

The initiative came about thanks to the stores of the Auchan chain, where a campaign to collect micro-donations for the greening of Poland was launched on October 2. Program Support ““Time for Forest. Plant a tree!” is possible by solving Donateoavailable at terminals in Auchan stores.

Donateo is a digital fundraising platform bringing technological innovations in cashless payments to the charitable collections sector. Through its app, it is deploying cashless micro-donations to retail outlets in Poland.

* Delavaux C, Crowther TC, Zohner CM, et al. Native diversity buffers against severity of non-native tree invasions globally, Nature 2023, doi: 10.1038/s41586-023-06440-7