IV Csángó Festival in Poland

IV Csángó Festival in Poland

On October 5 in Gdansk and from October 6 to 8 in Torun, the IV Csángó Festival in Poland will be held. This is a unique celebration of the traditional culture of Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, which revives traditions, builds relationships and creates friendships between lovers of Csángó culture

This year’s final edition is packed with a variety of activities and events, such as workshops, dances, concerts and exhibitions. The festival will host a large group of artists from Hungary, including representatives of the Csángó people. Among them are Mária Petrás, the most famous folk singer and art pottery artist, and István Lukács, a great violinist who is a disciple of the legendary blind violinist Janos Zerkula.

Csángó’s music, rich in medieval melodies, Gypsy, Jewish, Balkan and even Polish rhythms, will move Festival participants to dance. Outstanding artists such as Gergely Sámsondi, Dániel Bolya, Vajk Máté Gyulai, Farkas Gyulai and Juliá Skopp will provide an unforgettable musical and dance experience.

The festival will also be enriched by Polish artists: Kapela Maliszów or Paweł Iwan, representing the Foothills from the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. The event is becoming a meeting place for artists and lovers of folk culture.

Accompanying events, such as the openings of ceramics by Mária Petrás and paintings by Hungarian artist Júlia Dávid, are also an important part of the Festival. The musical improvisation workshop will be led by Kazimierz Nitkiewicz, a well-known trumpeter.

Aeris Futuro Foundation, is one of the two main organizers alongside the Szépszerével band of this Festival. Our foundation is organizing the event as part of its Green Events program.

Green Events

The Csángó Festival in Poland not only celebrates traditions, but also builds bridges between nations and generations. This is an event that combines the joy of dance and folk music, inspired by the richness of Carpathian culture.

We invite you to participate in this unique musical journey! More information about individual events is available on the Festival website.

For more up-to-date information, visit the Facebook fanpage of the Festiwal Czango w Polsce and www.czango.pl

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