ING Lease Polska – “Clean Action” cleaning up the Mlocinski Forest


Waste management is a major challenge for humanity. To see how big a problem littering is, we don’t have to analyze studies or look too far, as it’s usually enough to visit nearby green spaces. Litter lying in the bushes is almost a standard part of the landscape. Waste is not only appearing wherever the human foot will stand, but is even getting one step ahead of us and reaching places whose exploration is still a huge challenge. Not even the Mariana Trench is free from trash, which has only been visited by man twice and, due to extreme pressure, has never managed to set foot on its bottom.

“Clean Action” is a clear strategy to support the fight against waste

The world is literally “drowning in a sea of waste,” so any action to clean up our planet or support the process of sustainable waste management is an important contribution to help build a better future for generations to come.

Although public awareness is noticeably growing and cleanup campaigns in green spaces are becoming more frequent and desirable, lingering garbage is still a burning problem of our time


“Clean Action” is an effective method of integrating participants in the event

On April 22, together with volunteers from ING Lease Polska, we undertook a cleanup of the area around the Młociński Forest near Warsaw. Located in the northwestern part of Warsaw, the Młociński Forest is a forest complex that provides an important habitat for a variety of plant and animal species, and plays an important role as a place of recreation and leisure for residents of the capital. Garbage lying in green areas is a serious threat to flora and fauna, entailing a number of negative consequences for natural ecosystems, hence the urgent need to solve this problem. Organized cleanup events not only help clean up green spaces, but also provide benefits for participants, who during such an event increase environmental awareness, gain a sense of satisfaction and a sense of community, thereby strengthening social ties and a sense of belonging.


Ornithological workshops and support for hollow birds

Due to the loss of habitat and natural breeding sites in Poland, the populations of many once common bird species have declined. A simple and effective method of protecting and supporting the hollow-nesting population is to hang nesting boxes.

The ornithological workshop we conducted with the company’s volunteers ING Lease Polska were aimed, among other things, at expanding knowledge of the situation of birds in our country. Among other things, participants learned why the presence of birds in the city is so important and how bird populations can be supported, and during the practical part, participants built their own nesting boxes for birds.

We would like to thank ING Lease Polska for actively working for the environment and participating in the „Clean Action” program. We hope that the event has instilled and established in the participants a desire and enthusiasm for activities of this type.