ARVAL – Cleaning up the banks of the Vistula River in Warsaw and ornithological workshops

Arval - cleaning up the banks of the Vistula River

The problem of backlogged waste is one of the most serious environmental challenges of the modern world. Population growth and consumerism is generating huge amounts of garbage, which ends up in landfills and basically all ecosystems.

Cleaning of green areas with volunteers

Waste lying in wild areas such as parks, forests and wastelands poses a serious threat to the environment. Garbage dumped by people not only disfigures the landscape, but most importantly threatens the lives of wildlife. In addition, chemicals released from decaying garbage contaminate the soil and groundwater, negatively affecting the entire ecosystem.

Although the public increasingly recognizes the problem and is increasingly willing to take action to keep wildernesses clean and pay attention to waste management, our planet still urgently needs intensive efforts to clean up litter.

Cleanup action of the area along the Vistula River with Arval volunteers

Joint cleanup campaigns can bring many benefits to both the environment and the community. Such initiatives primarily increase the environmental awareness of participants, teach responsibility for the environment and promote sustainable practices. Cleaning together, moreover, builds a sense of community and cooperation, strengthening social ties and a sense of belonging.

Additionally, participation in such events can inspire others to care about the environment and engage in similar initiatives, creating a positive wave of change.

Arval - cleaning up the banks of the Vistula River

Cleanup action in the area around the Port of Siekierki.

On May 10 this year, together with Arval volunteers, we undertook the cleanup of the riparian forest in the area of the so-called Siekierki Harbor. Port Siekierki is an area located on the southern edge of Warsaw, in the Mokotow district, on the Vistula River. In the past, it was mainly to be used for handling construction materials and other goods that could be transported by water. The abandoned and neglected port has over time become a site for illegal waste dumping, which has contributed to the degradation of the area. The site is currently undergoing revitalization, and thanks to the support of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area Greenery Board, we were able to do our part in the process of clearing the area of lingering trash.

Ornithological workshops

After the waste collection and a short relaxation, the volunteers took part in an ornithological workshop, during which they could not only expand their knowledge, but also build their own nesting box.

Birdhouses for hollow birds play an important role in the conservation of these species, especially in human-altered environments. Through their installation and proper maintenance, we can make a significant contribution to the preservation of biodiversity by offering birds safe shelter and nesting sites.

We would like to thank Arval for participating in „Clean Action” and caring about the state of our planet. We hope the event provided participants with a sense of satisfaction and encouraged further green activities.We would also like to thank the Greenery Management of the Capital City of Warsaw for their cooperation, thanks to which we were able to carry out activities in the designated area.