RANKOMAT – we planted trees in Dolny Śląsk


After fruitful cooperation in the creation of the water footprint calculator, we are back to joint activities and planting forests in Lower Silesia – as part of the TIME FOR FOREST project.

For years, the forests of Stołowe Mountains National Park have been undergoing reconstruction of deformed habitats through the introduction of site-specific species, such as fir, beech, sycamore, elm, linden, and rowan. Thanks to these measures, the Park’s spruce-dominated stands are moving closer to their natural form with each successive planting.

Thanks to Rankomat.pl‘s initiative, 500 new trees, mostly firs, were planted in the Park area in the fall of 2020, adding to the work of restoring natural forest resources.

In addition to planting, we also held a workshop on building nesting boxes for hollow birds. We hope that they have been installed by the company’s employees and various birds will visit them in the spring.

Planting trees together is our next activity with Rankomat.pl. In early September 2020, we helped create a water footprint calculator, which you can use HERE. Many weeks of data collection resulted in a tool that allows you to see how much water we use each day directly, how much virtual water we use, and what kind of water footprint we generate. The problem of water scarcity in the world is particularly important for Rankomat.pl, so as part of our next joint activities we have created articles for our Partner oscillating around the topic of the impact of human activity on global water resources.

The aim of the texts is to encourage the public to change their daily habits, use water prudently and initiate water-saving measures. All this is accompanied by charts and infographics that not only systematize knowledge, but also consolidate the message. We encourage you to read about how much water we use every day and how we can reduce this result, about the threat of drought in Poland, and about the water footprint, explaining how our consumer choices affect the level of water resources worldwide.

We would like to thank Rankomat.pl for its willingness to join the TIME FOR FOREST project! Without the company’s initiative, the Park area would not have been enriched with 500 new trees.