KATOWICE – “Forest in a jar” – workshop with volunteers

As many as 50 “forests in jars” is the impressive result of volunteers during the workshop in Katowice!

In anticipation of the best autumn time for planting trees, we focused our attention on ecosystems that do not need large areas and only need a shelf or a piece of windowsill to exist. Together with a group of volunteers, we looked at the issue of ecosystems enclosed in glass jars, and then everyone could make their own personal “forest in a jar”.

The “Forest in a Jar” workshop is our idea of a little warm-up before we start planting trees in the field.

Plants placed in glass have recently become very popular mainly for their aesthetic and modern appearance, but above all they are an interesting object for observing the amazing power and self-sufficiency of nature.

“Forest in a jar” is a closed ecosystem that is self-sufficient and can exist for a long time without the need for outside interference. The vegetation in the glass container creates a closed cycle of water and air, and needs only sunlight to function.

Workshops with Aeris Futuro combine the pleasant with the useful.
During the workshops, we always do our best to make sure that it is a good opportunity not only to expand one’s knowledge on topics related to ecology and nature and create valuable networks, but also that it is simply time pleasantly spent.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the “Forest in a Jar” workshop and encourage you to like the “Nature enters the office” initiative.

We hope that the participants, together with the jars they created, took away good memories and the desire and enthusiasm for the next meeting, this time to take on a bigger challenge and plant trees together with “Time for Forest”.