500 seedlings in Izabelin municipality


Thanks to our cooperation with Medtronic Poland, we were able to enrich the Izabelin municipality with 500 new seedlings.

We are planting trees in and around cities because it is an effective strategy to combat global climate change.

Green enclaves in the vicinity of cities can be a sanctuary of biodiversity, and at the same time become a place of refuge and relaxation not only on hot days. Scientific studies confirm that contact with nature has a beneficial effect not only on mood, but also on mental and physical health.


Thanks to our cooperation with Medtronic Poland, we supported the reforestation process in the Izabelin municipality.

Planting trees can be an interesting experience that provides a lot of satisfaction. Sometimes, however, a tree planting campaign can be quite a challenge, for example, due to weather conditions or difficult terrain.

During the planting campaign with Medtronic Poland, the weather was not too kind, but volunteers rose to the challenge and planted 500 trees and shrubs, despite the temporary rainfall.

The native species planted included:

  • pedunculate oak – 350 trees,
  • bird cherry – 50 trees,
  • alder buckthorn– 50 trees,
  • European larch – 50 trees.

The numbers of Poland’s most common birds have begun to decline.

Many species of birds, once common in every city, are currently very difficult to encounter. Unfortunately, the population of birds, which have always lived close to people and thanks to people, is decreasing year by year, and the blame for this situation lies, as you can easily guess, with people. Our cities have changed so significantly that a meaningful percentage of birds are dying due to lack of places to forage and breed.

Hanging nesting boxes is an effective method of supporting birds.

Planting trees and shrubs provides birds and pollinators with a canteen and shelter, and nesting boxes for hollow birds will be an additional method of support, as discussed during the theoretical part of the ornithology workshop. During the practical part, volunteers built 25 birdhouses.

Who is our partner?

Medtronic, founded in 1949 as a medical equipment repair company, is now among the world’s largest medical services, solutions and technology companies. It has 85,000 employees worldwide serving doctors, hospitals and patients in more than 160 countries.


We sincerely thank Medtronic Poland for supporting the “Time for Forest” project and acting positively for our common good, which is the climate!