VIRGO – more plantings in Polanka Hallera

sadzenie drzew Polanka HalleraThanks to the cooperation between our foundation and the Virgo publishing house, 333 new beech trees were planted on the grounds of the Jagiellonian University. The planting campaign on April 14 showed that Virgo is really close to the topic of tree planting.

The donation by Virgo publishing house is related to the publication of the book “Facing the Future. How to Deal with the Existential Crisis in the Face of Climate Threats” with a maximum low carbon footprint. Donation for this purpose was also made by the book’s author Richard Stiegler and translator Alicia Lehrke.

A sunny April day. After many frosty mornings, the Thursday before Christmas surprised us with great weather for planting.

The new planting will allow us to fill in the voids that naturally appear after the previous trees die. By choosing the right species for the habitat, we will prevent the formation of empty spaces. They appear not only due to natural processes, but also due to the actions of insects.

Why is planting trees so important to us?

Polanka Hallera is an area owned by the Jagiellonian University with the character of a protective forest. It’s a mixed complex, both in terms of age and speciese. There are places with proper species composition, which don’t need any help to function properly, but there are also those that do not fit into this environment: pines or larches. They are less resistant to the factors of this environment.

The species that were planted were suggested by Tomasz Jaworski – an employee of Jagiellonian University. He believes that planting the right species has a huge impact on the biodiversity of the region. This benefits pollinators, birds and the entire ecosystem. It also increases retention i.e. the ability to hold water.

Therefore, during the spring planting, we decided that beech trees, considered one of the most beautiful trees in Poland, would be a great choice. Our activities are focused on the future. Thanks to the planting of new trees, when the death of the previous ones occurs, the new ones will not only already be there, but the whole will consist of species natural to this habitat. This will prevent the appearance of empty spaces in the forest area, we will locate make sure new trees are planted in already existing treeless gaps.

According to the Foundation’s President – Marek Piątkowski, the effects of the coming climate change will be very severe. According to the Foundation’s President – Marek Piatkowski, the effects of the coming climate change will be very severe. Sustainable forest management, protection of ecosystems and, above all, permanent planting can prevent deforestation and desertification in Poland.

We would like to thank Virgo for contributing to the improvement of the ecosystem by planting trees with us as part of the TIME FOR FOREST program.