Planting with Wienerberger employees

Today we are facing planting with Wienerberger employees and residents of the Częstochowa – Gnaszyn Kawodrza district. We plan to plant 500 birch and pine seedlings.

On the initiative of Wienerberger employees, with the involvement of residents of the Częstochowa district of Gnaszyn Kawodrza and employees of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, together we will do a piece of work and plant 500 seedlings.

The plantings carried out are in response to the needs raised by neighborhood residents during the community dialogue, as well as part of the company’s efforts to develop biodiversity in production locations.

Today’s action was the first step towards greening the Częstochowa building ceramics factory – we focused on implementing plantings in the vicinity of the clay heap located on ul. Wygodna.

Additional attractions prepared for residents and employees of the company are workshops on building nesting boxes and insect houses. Each participant will be able to listen to a lecture on ornithology and wild pollinators, while gaining new knowledge.

Plantings around the heap on Convenient Street are the first stage of efforts to develop biodiversity and the well-being of residents.

In the spring, the company plans to implement the next phase of the work: carrying out additional plantings on the production site and seeding a meadow on the heap.

We sincerely thank Wienerberger for this environmental action. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that as many seedlings as possible will take hold, and thank you for implementing the project together.