Together with Chubb, we’re planting fruit trees

Together with the Chubb company, today, i.e. November 3, we start planting as many as 500 trees! A group of 30 volunteers from the Chubb company, supported by the Radom City Hall, will turn an urban area controlled by invasive vegetation into a space that will become a green oasis of biodiversity. Together we will plant fruit trees.

On urban land made available to us by the city of Radom, we will plant species such as field pear, wild apple tree, bird cherry, common rowan, as well as shrubs such as hawthorn.  We chose fruit trees because they will provide really solid support for birds and wild pollinators, and thus increase species diversity, making the local ecosystem more stable and resistant to change.

The area where we planned the planting was abundantly covered by Canadian goldenrod and gradually invasive ash-leaf maples also took over the reigns.

While Canadian goldenrod may delight us with its beautiful color, it poses a significant threat to native plants. This is because invasive alien species include plants, animals, as well as pathogens and all sorts of other organisms that are not native to local ecosystems and can cause environmental damage and even negatively impact human health and the economy.

By eradicating non-native, expansive plants and planting native tree species, the character of this space will change dramatically, and we know that this will benefit not only locally, but also globally, because by adding up small actions, we can have a significant, wide-ranging and clearly perceptible effect.

It is worth mentioning that today’s event planned with Chubb is not just planting trees and shrubs, it is a comprehensive program to support birds and insects, the schedule for today’s meeting also includes educational lectures and workshops on building birdhouses and insect hotels.

Thank you Chubb for participating in the Time for Forest project!