Siemens Healthcare and Biosystem appreciated our foundation

Technology accompanies us every day and makes life wonderfully easier and more enjoyable, although of course it is not without its drawbacks and has its dark side.

For example, the wide availability of devices is inextricably linked to the ever-increasing amount of electro-waste, which, in order not to drown in a sea of electro-waste, we need to manage sensibly. That’s why recycling of electro-waste is so important, it’s what makes it possible, among other things, to recover raw materials, which reduces technological costs in the production process and reduces the use of natural resources.

In order for recycling to have a chance to grow on a high scale, it is very important to educate and expand the awareness of users of electrical and electronic devices.
This is what the Biosystem group does, including education and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, thanks to which the Aeris Futuro Foundation received a donation of PLN 16,598!

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Biosystem organized a recycling competition for customers for the largest collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The winner of the competition “(Re)create it together!” was the company whose employees collected the largest mass of waste electrical and electronic equipment. In total, all finalists managed to collect as much as 16,598 kg of waste equipment, Biosystem for every 1 kg of electro-waste donated PLN 1 to an environmental protection foundation, and the waste equipment went to the Biosystem SA Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processing Plant in Bolęcin.

I miejsce w konkursie zajęła firma Siemens Healthcare Sp. z o.o. i zdecydowała, że środki zostaną przekazane Fundacji Aeris Futuro!

We sincerely thank you for your trust!

The amount that was donated will enable the planting of many trees and the creation of waste management events.