YVES ROCHER POLSKA – we planted perennials in Warsaw

On June 1, 2021, together with employees and volunteers of Yves Rocher Poland, we planted perennial and herb beds in Warsaw. This is one of the first joint actions after a long period of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Together with the Warsaw City Greenery Board and Yves Roche Poland employees, we appeared at the Małkowskich Square in Warsaw. The beautiful park, thanks to our action, was enriched with several hundred perennials and herbs, and we hope that this was not the last action we carried out in this place.

Why do we need perennials and herbs in the city?

Perennial and herbaceous flowerbeds that delight the eye, of course, have functions that are not only decorative, but primarily increase biodiversity and intercept air pollution. The flowerbeds are shelter and food for insects, also an additional canteen for nearby birds. The flowerbeds do well in periods of drought, then their root system retains water, in turn, during heavy rainfall the roots act like a sponge, binding rainwater in the soil. Under the watchful eye of employees of the Warsaw Greenery Board, perennials and herbs have been enriched with Olga and Andrzej Małkowski Square.

Was the planting too late?

The mission we have been carrying out for many years was stopped by a pandemic. The action of planting trees together in the spring was impossible to carry out. But we are not giving up! Even small actions such as the creation of perennial beds can significantly improve the quality of life of urban residents and benefit the environment, support important issues like biodiversity and help fight drought.

We have been planting trees together for 12 years

Yves Rocher is a rapidly growing cosmetics brand that places a strong emphasis on ensuring that the products it sells are environmentally friendly. In 1989, Yves Rocher was the first company in Europe to stop testing its products on animals. Cosmetic formulations are carefully developed, the brand has already eliminated plastics and silicones, instead relying on good quality plant oils. The company chooses formulas that earn top ratings in terms of biodegradability, and ensures that packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible, such as being recyclable.

In 1991, the son of YR brand founder Jacques Rocher created the Yves Rocher Foundation. The foundation works to protect the environment and has also been involved in tree planting since 2007. The fruit of these activities was the recently achieved goal of planting 100 000 000 trees by the end of 2020! Our foundation also contributed to this, as together we planted more than half a million trees in Poland

Under a new initiative called Plant for Life, 35 000 000 trees will be planted by 2025 – this challenge in Poland is supported by our foundation.

We would like to thank Yves Rocher Poland and the Warsaw Greenery Board for fantastic cooperation!